Florida Contracts Lawyer

Contracts when drafted by a competent attorney can not only be made legally binding, but also ensure that the contracting parties rights and expectations are clearly reflected in the agreement.. Ramon Tourgeman with over thirty years of experience litigating contract issues is especially well versed in the many complex issues that determine the degree to which the rights and expectations of the contracting parties will be enforced in court.

The Importance of Contracts

Contracts are critical any time to or more parties’ wish to become legally bound to each other. Contracts are written for an innumerable number of reasons. Whether it is to enter into a lease for real or personal property, seal or acquire a business, create a partnership, buy stock in a private entity, or a couple’s plan for what they expect in the event of a divorce before or after marriage, a well-written contract protects you from unforeseen liability or disappointed expectations when something goes wrong. It also helps ensure the other party does what was agreed to in the exchange. A poorly written contract, on the other hand, can leave responsibilities up to interpretation, which puts you at risks and may well require costly and lengthy litigation..

place. Having clearly defined contracts protects you and your business from a number of potential problems, including costly litigation that can occur due to misunderstandings.

Contact Roman Tourgeman, P.A., for help. Since 1986, Roman Tourgeman has been helping Florida individuals and businesses with their contract needs, and his firm can help you with all of your contractual concerns.

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