Florida Civil Litigation Lawyer

Attorney Ramon Tourgeman has been litigating cases for over 30 years. After he earned his law degree from the Seattle University School of Law, he joined the Florida Bar and started helping clients with many kinds of disputes.

He has successfully litigated cases involving disputes involving real estate, all types of contracts, employment, partnership and shareholders, and condominiums, among others. He has helped people on both sides of issues, such as debtors and creditors and landlords and tenants. Ramon Tourgeman, P.A. has been helping businesses and families since 1986.

Experience Counts

No stranger to the courtroom, Attorney Ramon Tourgeman has the skills and knowledge to fight through to the end.

Not every case needs to end up in court. Litigation and trial is costly and stressful. Attorney Ramon Tourgeman knows when and how to negotiate a settlement, but only when it’s in the best interests of his Client.

When you are facing a possible case in court, you want experience on your side. If you even think you may need an attorney, you can call Ramon Tourgeman, P.A. today for a free consultation.

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