Florida Business Transactions Lawyer

Attorney Ramon Tourgeman has spent more than thirty years representing business clients in southern Florida. He has done important work for businesses at every stage of their development, from the start of the company to liquidation or retirement.

Businesses use contracts for everything from leasing and buying property to the buying and selling of goods. Ramon Tourgeman, P.A. has drafted and negotiated hundreds of contracts.

Why you need a Business Attorney

All businesses must deal with regulations and rules. Just starting a business means filing the proper paperwork and choosing the kind of business you want to operate. As you go along, you will deal with disputes, from customers, workers and outside agents, like insurance agents or competitors.

If you want your business to grow and profit, you will need a plan. Ramon Tourgeman, P.A. can help you decide how to structure your business from the beginning to take advantage of your assets and circumstances. You can also look to him for advice when you see potential problems. Avoiding problems is better for your peace of mind, your reputation and your wallet.

Operating a business is a lot of work. You don’t want to lose something you’ve earned or miss out on an opportunity because you didn’t know about it. You can call Ramon Tourgeman, P.A. today for a free evaluation of your business.

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