Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Attorney Ramon Tourgeman has been litigating cases for over 30 years. After he earned his law degree from the Seattle University School of Law, he joined the Florida Bar and started helping clients with many kinds of disputes.

Business Transactions

Attorney Ramon Tourgeman has spent more than thirty years helping business clients in southern Florida. He has done important work for businesses at every stage of their development, from the start of the company to liquidation or retirement.

Contracts Law

Contracts are legally binding agreements between two or more parties, often between two businesses or a business and a client or vendor. Roman Tourgeman, P.A., is a skilled Florida contracts attorney who can help businesses and individuals navigate the complex world of contract law. Form drafting contracts that serve clients' best interests to helping enforce the obligations outlined in the contract, Roman Tourgeman, P.A., will help you with your contract needs.

Family Agreements Law

Legal matters related to marriage, divorce, and other family law issues are often settled out of court through family law agreements. These agreements can allow couples to plan for their futures, and can protect the rights and interests of those involved in family disputes. If you are facing any type of family law issue, an experienced family lawyer can review, negotiate, draft, and enforce these agreements on your behalf.

Consumer/Commercial Collections

It seems as though it should be simple to bring in money that is yours by right, whether because of a debt, a contract or another reason. But securing a judgement is just the first step, and could be followed by years of waiting.

Civil Appeals Law

If you have won or lost a case in civil court, you may feel like it's over. However, under certain circumstances, a higher court will be willing to consider the case in a new light.

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