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Nearly everyone needs legal assistance from time to time. Whether you are running a business, getting married or divorced, or otherwise involved in a legal dispute, it is imperative that you understand your rights and legal options. With over three decades of experience Florida attorney Ramon Tourgeman can fight for you and help protect your interests. Since 1986, attorney Ramon Tourgeman has provided excellent service to clients throughout South Florida in a variety of civil and family legal matters.

Practice Areas

Ramon Tourgeman, P.A., helps individuals and businesses resolve civil legal problems. Practice areas include:

  • Litigation. Attorney Ramon Tourgeman is an aggressive and effective civil and family law litigator with more than 30 years of experience representing Florida individuals and businesses in matters ranging from adoptions to real estate disputes. This has gained him a broad knowledge of the law and accustomed him to staying on top of the latest developments by reading all of the latest cases and laws on a weekly basis.
  • Business law. For over thirty years he has been effectively representing those starting a new business, becoming or adding partners or shareholders to an existing business, trying to collect a debt, defend a claim, or involved in any type of dispute involving business or property If you need a business law consultation or need a contracts reviewed or drafted, Ramon Tourgeman, P.A., can help. Ramon is a careful and thorough business attorney.
  • Family law. Dealing with family law issues can be stressful and emotional. Attorney Ramon Tourgeman understands this, and works hard to provide compassionate service to family law clients dealing with issues such as divorce, child custody, alimony, or adoption.
  • Debt Collections and Defense. Ramon Tourgeman, P.A., assists clients seeking to collect a debt, or seeking to defend against a lawsuit. Ramon can make sure that your financial rights are protected.
  • Appeals:  Ramon Tourgeman in the past twenty five years has developed an excellent record before the Florida Appellate Courts .
  • Arbitration: In addition to his experience representing hundreds of individuals and businesses in court, Ramon Tourgeman has an excellent record representing parties in arbitration proceedings.
  • Arbitrator: Ramon Tourgeman, a Florida Supreme Court Certified Arbitrator since 2003, has taken his broad knowledge of the Law to further serve as an Arbitrator for the South Florida businesses and consumer.

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